Data Protection and Privacy News Roundup 10/22


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ðŸ‡Đ🇊 DSK new guidance on direct advertising (in German)

🇊🇚 EC's overview of the state of play of European common data spaces

🇊ðŸ‡ļ AEPD's first code of conduct for clinical trials, research, and pharmacovigilance: summary here  and press release/download (in Spanish) here

ðŸ‡Ļ🇭Date of entry into force of new Data Protection Act postponed (in German, French, and Italian) 

ðŸ‡ąðŸ‡Ū Lichtenstein DPA's update on Google Analytics (in German)

🇚ðŸ‡ļ Utah Consumers Privacy Act

ðŸ‡Đ🇊 German court rules: CEO to be held personally liable for data privacy violations: summary here

🇎🇧 ICO's fourth chapter 'Accountability and governance'