Data Protection & Privacy News Roundup 11/22


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🇩🇰 Danish DPA's guidelines on Cloud Computing: Press summary  ; to the guidelines 

🇮🇹 GPDP fined US-based Clearview AI over its facial recognition software: press summary; press release (in Italian and English); EDPB press release

🇧🇪 Belgium Constitutional court on the access to personal information for purposes of law enforcement and national security: press release (in French); Decision (in French).

🇫🇷 CNIL fines company over lacking deletion concept

🇬🇧High Court of Justice of England and Wales allows GDPR representative action against TikTok

🇪🇺 EDPS report: EU Institutions' resilience to COVID-19

🇺🇸 US Senate passed a new Cybersecurity Act: Here to a press summary;  Here to the bill 

🇷🇴 Romania ratifies Convention 108+

🇫🇷 CNIL Strategic plan 2022-2024