Our presentation at the CNIL Privacy Research Day!


We were really happy, as the Digital Self-Determination team, to be invited by the CNIL for its very first Privacy Research Day. It was awesome to be able to meet so many peers from across the globe and to discuss the present and future state of research in the field of privacy and data protection.
The fact that this event was organized in such a multi-disciplinary way and that the resulting discussions worked so well confirmed our strong belief in multi-disciplinary research methods as a necessity in this field. And that was exactly the topic we presented on stage!

Above are some insights into this matter and on top some pictures of our very first live gathering together. As we are dispatched across Germany, we all have daily contact online, but this was indeed new to see us live! Sadly, our colleague Julie wasn't able to be there, but we caught up on that the next day at the HIIG summer party in Berlin.