Our research at the Berlin 'Digital Self-Determination' research group


Research in the field of data protection isn't new, but in an increased digitalized world, it resonates stronger. It is important that research outputs get sufficient echo to be put into practice. Hence, we thought it is about time to start spreading the word about it.

The research group Digital Self-Determination of the Berlin University of the arts is part of a cooperation between the Berlin Career College and the Einstein Center Digital Future. Its research is at the crossroads of many topics and tackles issues raised by digitalization through a multidisciplinary lens, mixing different methodologies and fields of expertise. Thus, our multidisciplinary team is made of legal researchers but also graphic and UX designers, as well as sociological, quantitative, and human-computer interaction research experts.

We are thrilled to contribute to this exciting legal field in our own way and happy to present our research structure today.