The Moroccan-German Center for Comparative Law


🇲🇦 Do you know the CDMA — Moroccan-German Center for Comparative Law? 🇩🇪

Those who know me well are aware of my deep bounds to North Africa and especially Morocco. I am very glad to be Vice-President of this structure and so participate in international cooperation on a bilateral level.

The CDMA is the reference organization for bilateral legal issues between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Federal Republic of Germany. The association, governed by Moroccan law, is a network of legal professionals, a research center as well as an active player in the Moroccan-German bilateral relationship.

Whether you are a legal practitioner in Morocco or in Germany, becoming a member of the CDMA gives you access to the network, to the center's publications as well as to the various events organized, offline or online. And most importantly: it's free and without obligation!

Do not hesitate to contact me or the Center directly for any questions about its actions (via its LinkedIn page or via

The presentation above gives you a brief overview of the CDMA. Unfortunately, it is only available in French for now. For more details, please visit

Also, I take the opportunity of this post to mention that March 8 is International Women's Rights Day. On this occasion, have all a great day!