Update on our project 'Certificates and Codes of Conduct'


Keeping on with our weekly #researchmonday post!

Today the Digital Self-Determination team is happy to present to you our research cluster "Certificates and codes of conduct (trust and product-enablement)".

We explore under which conditions certification methods and other co-regulation mechanisms, can help companies to build consumer and business trust in their data-driven products and services. My colleagues and friends Max von Grafenstein, Valentin Rupp, and I are drafting criteria catalogues in the context of mobility data, green buildings, or marketing and websites. And I can tell you, drafting those ourselves is a bumpy ride! But which better way to achieve our research goals than creating some ourselves? 🤓
Also, this project particularly matters to me, as my doctoral research project aims to understand how to enable data controllers and processors to turn legal requirements into a competitive advantage, focusing on the opportunities offered by GDPR certifications according to articles 42 and 43 of the GDPR. Stay tuned for more info and, who knows, maybe even some first outputs soon 🤫

For more info about the research initiative "Certificates and codes of conduct (trust and product-enablement)"., check out the official webpage right here.
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