Update on our project 'freemove'


🔍📚Keeping on with our weekly #researchmonday post!

🍃 I presented you 'freemove' some weeks ago, which focuses on the fair and sustainable use of mobility data 🚟

📱In order for academia and research endeavours to keep working in an accurate way, it is truly essential to have access to high-quality data sets. Unfortunately, when it comes to mobility data, most data is collected and kept by gatekeepers.

🚀 To solve this problem, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is running a study within the context of freemove. Using their Moving Lab app, they will track Berliner students' mobility data for two weeks in order to better understand what modern mobility looks like in Berlin. Max and I supported them regarding legal and data protection matters.

The data collection takes place from 31/10/22 to 13/11/2022. Any interested Berlin student can participate!

For more info about freemove, check out the official webpage here.
You'll find more info about the Moving Lab study there.
For more info about the research group 'Digital Self-Determination', there you go